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​About Coach Speas 

  • Speed Dreams was created by Coach Derrick A. Speas in 2014.  Coach Speas established a high-performance athletic development program that utilizes a science-based technological systematic approach to training and developing elite athletes. 

  • Coach Derrick Speas is an active member of the American College of Sports Medicine, The National Strength and Conditioning Association and The National Federation of High School Association. 

  • In 2015, Coach Speas took his athletic program abroad to train Olympic Athletes in China. His dynamic system brought several gold medals back to the United States from the 2018 Winter Olympics,  as well as  a plethora of sports science wisdom acquired from the experience. 

  • Today, Derrick Speas has honed, enhanced and streamlined his high-performance athletic developmental system to train local athletes utilizing the same proven techniques and cutting-edge sports science technology. Speed Dreams consistently delivers superior results and develops elite athletes.  We are Paving the Way to Excellence for athletes who strive for  greatness!

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